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The Ministries Of Our Lord, Jesus Christ the Annointed of God
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2015-03-28     Views : 1145     touched : 256
The most difficult and worrying thing which I have noticed is the truth that many people in the world who are "Christians" is the misunderstanding of the cleansing by Jesus Christ, the sins of the world in His baptism. But then the Lord speaks to all living in parables, but only the called are able to understand the parables according to the words of God in Mtt.13:10-11.

Let us see this extract from a very large denomination preaching God's Kingdom to the public:-
" What is the condition of the dead?: 'Humans are made from dust.(Genesis 2:7, 3:19) We are not spirits living in a body of flesh. We are Physical creatures, so no part of us survives death. When we die, our brain dies too, and our thoughts perish. Thus, Lazarus said nothing about his experience of death because the dead are unconscious.
Read Psalm 146:4: Ecclesiastes 9:5,6,10.

God does torment people with fire after death? Since the Bible shows that the dead are unconscious, hellfire is clearly a false teaching that slanders God. The very idea of tormenting people with fire disgusts him.
Read Jeremiah 7:31."

We can see from the above quote by a very large religious group that they do not know that we men are spiritual men, we have spirits within us, the spirit Soul which is precious to God after death, and that this soul of man God requires it to be free of sin before we leave this realm and that's why the Lord came to give born again believers the remission of sin whilst we are still in this world and not of the world.

This brings me to believe that the ministries of Jesus should be divided into the following:-

His ministry of Baptism
His ministry of the Cross
His ministry the Resurrection
His ministry of the Word, (the Bible), Logos, and
The ministry of the Holy Spirit.

To put simply without going through all the scriptures we immediately see the order of entering into the Kingdom of God in this world and receiving everlasting life according to the scriptures, Jn.3:16. Therefore in Jesus is believing, putting our faith in all His ministries that worked our salvation.

This is how I have come by the grace of God to understand the teaching of the Newlife mission.

1 His ministry of Baptism, this is the work, faith that washes away my sins and the sins of the world through believing. It is the faith that gives me the spiritual circumcision of the my heart, the spiritual man inside. It is where the old man is given to Jesus by John the Baptist by the laying on of hands to fulfil the old testament practice for the remission of sins. Here it is clear that if one does not believe in the work of the baptism of Jesus, one's sins will remain intact in he spirit Soul, the living Soul. If this be the case, then there will be no communion with the Father. No communion of saints no serving of God in the Holy Spirit, I e, not walking in the Spirit to be led by God.

2 His ministry of the Cross is the work of the cross where His blood, life, was shed for the remission of sin, the body of sin. This work is where the Lord bought us over from the world so that believers could not be sinners again in despite their weaknesses to commit errors, or to sin. To benefit from this grace we must first believe in his ministry or work of His Baptism. Why is it so? It is because He washed the sins of the world away once for all time, and the world have continued to sin since that baptism till now without believing in this work. However, many church goers have misbelieved the message of salvation, so misbelievers have to return to the true message to be converted and to enjoy the grace of the Cross. We must understand that there is a difference the forgiveness of sin and the remission of sin. The forgiveness of sin was accomplished once by Jesus in His Baptism. we need to believe His forgiveness came because of His baptism, but to remain sinless came because of the work of the remission of sin by His life, the Cross.

3 His ministry of the Resurrection from the dead. This ministry of raising the dead I believe the Father performed by the power of God, the Holy Spirit to convict or assure believers and people in the world that Jesus is the Lord of Life. because He was able to lay His life down and to take it up again according to the scriptures. We need to have this faith that as the Lord rose from the dead, that all who have died shall rise from the dead on the last day. The difference being that those who died in Christ shall rise to everlasting life with Jesus, and the dead without Christ shall also rise to life of condemnation in Hell according to the scriptures.

4 His ministry of the Word of God. The Bible is the word of God. We need to humble our self to believe God's. This is the work God has given to all men words. If we do not believe in Jesus, the Word of God we cannot be saved. When I go out to preach the word of God, unbelievers claim that the Bible was written by men. The scriptures tell us that the Apostles were inspired by God to write the word of God contained in the Bible through God the holy Spirit. we believe that the Holy Spirit is the man of truth, and He does make decision by Himself according to the scriptures. If we do not believe the word of God in this life, then this will be a clear case of Blasphemy. The word of God has told us that blasphemers shall not be forgiven of this sin.

5 The ministry of the Holy Spirit has been fulfilled by Jesus because He promised to send us the Comforter, Jn.15:26-27. To receive the Comforter, The Holy Spirit, we need to do the will of God to receive the fullness of God especially of the Holy Spirit. We need to have the comforter in order to have the communion of the Father, the communion of saints and the witness in earth of the heavenly things. For the scriptures tell us that " There are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. There are also there are three that bear witness in earth, the Water, the Blood and the spirit. We can see here that if we do not have faith in the Water, the Baptism of Jesus, His blood on the cross, our human spirit, the living soul cannot receive the witness of the record of the things in Heaven contained in the Holy Scriptures.


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