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The Forgiveness and the Remission of Sin
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2015-04-21     Views : 1122     touched : 260
There is a very serious misbelieve of the word of God with regards to the confession of sin and praying for the forgiveness of sin. I listened to a teaching by a very large denomination which generated a serious misunderstanding between a very dear friend and me.
To quote the words of the teacher as I heard it, " the word of God says if we confess our sins, he will forgive us." This scripture is not fully quoted. The quotation should be as in 1Jn.1:8, " If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins , and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

The main issue is this, my dear friend has told me that it is taught that after confessing one's sins, one must ask for the forgiveness of the sins.

This is not what the scripture teaches. If we looked at 1JN.2:12, it says " I write to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His name's sake." Now if believers sins are forgiven them for the Lord's sake why do believers have to pray for the forgiveness of sins. It therefore shows the teacher has not understood the forgiveness of sins when Jesus fulfilled all the righteousness of God in the Baptism which Jesus received from John the Baptised by the Laying on of hands in the river Jordan. This teacher has not understood that John the Baptised was the last High Priest of the old Testament who was sent to prepare the Lord as the sacrificial Lamb of God for the remission of the sins, the redemption of mankind.

Now let us return to letter of John in 1Jn.1:5-10,
In verse 5, John tells us that the message which they have received from the Lord Jesus, and declare it to the church, is that God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all. This means that God is the truth and the revealer of all things according to His righteousness. That He reveals the hidden things of darkness and also His righteousness. Here John tells the church that our God is not a wicked God for He is Holy. Therefore in,

6 He went on to tell the church that if members say that they have fellowship with God and walk in unrighteousness, then those members are lying and are not truthful: and in

7 In this verse John is really saying that if the church is led by the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth is God, the members of the Holy Catholic (the Universal) church of Christ will have fellowship one with another ( the communion of saints), and the blood of Jesus His son cleanseth all the members of the church from all sin. This verse is telling the believers that when we are born of the faith of the righteousness of God ( the water and the Spirit), we commune with the Saints and our hearts are free from the body of sins because we have the remission of sins because of the blood (Life of Jesus) that was shed on the cross for the redemption of mankind. This grace of Believers comes about because we believe that Jesus fulfilled all the righteousness of God in the Baptism which He received from John the baptism. It was at the Jordan that God forgave the past present and future sins of the mankind. This is the believe and the confession of the righteous works of our Lord that brings about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the born again experience to enable the believer to enjoy the benefits of the cross, the remission of sins. In,

8 In this verse John is telling the church that no one should say that he/she has no sin, because if we say this, we are deceiving ourselves, and not walking in the truth of the gospel. In order words no one on this earth, Christian or non-Christian can say they have no sins, because of our insufficiencies. Then came,

8 Here I believe John is explaining to the church how we can acknowledge our sins before God truthfully, according to His righteousness. My dear friend's teaching is that we should mention all our sins one by one to the Lord, and then ask for forgiveness. This is not what John is saying. The church is made to understand that all of mankind cannot stop sinning. Here John is telling us that our confession should be to admit before God that as human we have sins, and this is the truth. He is telling believers in not so many words that our daily confession to God should be to admit that we have sins. In order words we should have an attitude of thanksgiving for the forgiveness of our sins and the remission of our sins because of the blood of Jesus that was poured out for our redemption, for Jesus was the propitiation for our sins. In,

This verse

9 is the crux of the matter for the church that has not understood the Grace of our Lord in His Baptism, and the Cross and Resurrection from the dead. This misbelieve that the cross of Jesus brings about the born again experience is delaying the manifestation of the Holy Catholic Church (The Holy Universal Church of Jesus Christ). Therefore, in,

10 John is telling us that members of the church should not say that they have not sinned, because if we do, we make God to be a liar, and His word is not in us, that if we say we have not sinned, it means we do not have Jesus in us, in order words we would not have had the born again experience.

To summarise 1Jn1:9, John is telling the church that the members should always make a confession of faith, and in this case he is telling the church that we should admit before God that we do sin. If we do not admit that we have sins we have misbelieved the gospel and we sin against God by making Him a liar because such persons do not have Jesus in the heart, and are not born of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Therefore, we should always, even daily admit before God that we do sin. Therefore we should walk faithfully before Him by thanking Him for forgiving us our sins in His righteousness and giving us the remission of sins, past present and future because of His son who came by water and blood, not water only but water and blood through the gospel of the water and the Spirit. A-men.


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