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What required to be born Again
Shalom Lalditsak Ralsun    [email]   ( India ) 2017-06-11     Views : 600     touched : 137
I have place an order for the book 'What required to be Born Again' after reading the Book, it gave me a lot of challenges as a christian, when I come across the sermon where Jesus Christ and the Samaritan woman met near the well.
What really inspire me was as a Christian like a Samaritan woman how long I has been in the trap of the law and the rule of doctrine. It gave me a new thought ,not just to sit and stay , like the Samaritan woman after Jesus reveal to her see run to her village and tell other. As Jesus Sit with the Samaritan woman all human being are God creation, He love all equally , Jesus has no boundaries , we need to stop the principle of boundaries and run in order to spread the Gospel which Jesus Christ has reveal though his coming with the water and the spirit.


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