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the gospel of water and the spirit is nothing but the truth
Quarshie Emmanuel    [email]   ( Ghana ) 2018-02-14     Views : 535     touched : 111
After taken the pain to read through three different books of pastor Paul c. Jong's books, i realized that my 30 years in the lord was just a waste because i live in total ignorance despite the persistent fasting and prayer for God's anointing and visitation then. But now the water and spirit gospel has giving me reassurance and the confidence to stop any secular work that i was doing for living to go in full time evangelism and visit to churches to distribute pastor Jong's books. i don't care how my family and myself will survive the economic woes in my country now.
the Lord i serve shall provide our needs, so fellow coworkers i admonish that we take a defiant action to save perishing ignorant souls because we the Christ ambassadors, thanks .


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