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The Elementary Priciples of CHRIST, Part 2.
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2019-01-09     Views : 126     touched : 42
The Devine Nature Of Jesus Christ:-
Jesus is the Son of God, the second person of the Triune God. Simon Peter confessed him in Matt.16:16; the High Priests also knew him to be Christ, though they rejected him as Christ because of unbelieve; Matt.26:63-64. The angel who visited Mary also told her that the child in her womb was the Holy Son of God; Luke 1:35, His Father revealed him to the world in his baptism; Matthew 3:17; "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22. These events were chosen by God, not only to reveal Jesus to the World; but also for Jesus to take upon his head the sins of the world and fulfil all the righteousness of God in his baptism; Matthew 3:15. The poofs that Jesus is God and, has the same particular power as the Father can be found in the following scriptures; John 5:26; Rom.8:32; Jn.1:1; Jn.1:14, 3:16 and Jn.5:18, where Jesus called God as his own Father.

The Human Nature Of Jesus Christ:

Jesus was born as a man; Philipians 2:7-8 and called " The man Christ Jesus", 1 Timoyhy 2:5 and, dwelt among us John 1:14, as a man he was baptised by John the Baptist. Though He was God incarnet to man he experienced everything we are and , yet he was without sins. He was a descendant of Adam. The following scriptures tell of his human nature and lineage; Luke 3:38; Luke 2:6-7; Matt.1:18-25; Gal.4:4 and Matthew 1:1. Although Jesus Christ was born without sins, however he was weakened by the sins of the world which he shouldered in the the baptism which he received from John the Baptist, and suffere; by which he fulfilled all the righteousness of God; John 19:30; he could not be differetiated from men; Isaiah 53:2-3.
Although Jesus had the human nature he did not sin; He was in everyway tempted as we are yet without sin; Hebrews 4:15. He bore the sins of the world by John's baptism; For this he was crucified for the sake of sinners. As the everlasting High Priest fitting for us; It is written; Hebrews 7:26, "For such a High Priest was fitting for us, who is Holy, harmless, undefield, seperate from from sinners.

Christ's Three Duties:
In the old Testament only three kinds of people were anointed by oil, the prophets, the priests and the kings; 1 Kings 19:16; Exodus 40:13-15; 2 Kings 9:3. His roles dipicted in the following scriptures; Deuteronmy 18:15; Psalm 110:4; Zechariah 6:12-13. All his roles were fulfilled in his baptism to shoulder all the sins of the world, crucified and rose again from the dead.


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