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The Christian ID. The Christian Walk of Life.
Gerarld EGBE    [email]   ( Cameroon ) 2019-01-09     Views : 162     touched : 44
We move continuously with difficulties, toughness in our lives, in academics and study, in our diet and through peopled suffering and pain. When meeting God is not okay itself then to be with God because you are a believer causes agony to be no more. That is, the quite quiet assurance of us made saved as our every loathe to scourge, weakness is taken care of, in addition to our day after day, then all we need do is tot up, accept and move to God.

You must not be flanked at by an impression while you are a servant of the King of kings and the Holy God. This all too well is inclined with straits when you slightly look over and about names to an extend of accepting and to deny. Your success of being a born again Christian of water and the Spirit depends on whether or not you deny and reject the baptism that Jesus received from John the Baptist and the shedding of His blood on the Cross for our remission of sins or accept it and be cleansed of all your sins. Of course, the latter are the tools you have and putting them into use. Simultaneously the belief in God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. A major critique that one would come across here 'Is Jesus a born again?' No for cert. Why? Because He is God Himself in His essence and not the creation. In God the criterion is not the sum spent, not our critics because we spend more. Only when you and I thwart what is life then you and I craving after certainty can say where is life. Life is not in some destination, life does not itself presents worthless. Whether eluding life is living and living by proxies; or living by myths; or living in God life for a matter of fact as living should not be precluded. They are not countless lives but the different ways of living, all totting up is what gives you and I life. So life as an aspect of living, deity, ageing, responsibility, truth etc. each a means to consider fore cautioned straits. This is a simple acknowledgement. It is not for every breath. It is designed for us humans recognized by our words of faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit and be shared by us donning in fate. Where is life is an awful lot to preventing and avoiding heresy. Heretics are increasing time after time as heretics take on to a biblical refuge.

Nowadays, records of their numbers are not dwindling, not a few but they are facing an identity who's who crisis: [Apostle], Deacon, Pastor, Reverend, [Disciple] etc. Clarify me upon their identity in Christianity?

Permit me reintroduce myself. As a guy I fancy the pen name OJ and freely answer it. By exemplary per se it's so so telling and to be clarified upon their identity in Christianity it is simple. Anyone such as a pope, deaconess, prophetess, elder, evangelist, pastor, etc. who is not born again of the gospel of the water and the Spirit can function as a heretic. The Word says that they all fall under Mark 7:20-23. All these unborn people can do is lead people for destruction to hell.

May God bless you and always be with you.


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