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  • We Must Serve the Lord Faithfully in this Peaceful Time
    Loren Simons, UK
    • “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). Those who truly honor and love God in fear offer their most valuable treasure to Him. This is because this is the least that they can do for God.  Jesus said, “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always.” Indeed, we don’t always have the opportunity to serve the Lord. Do you think that you will always have another opportunity to serve the Lord? No, this is not the case. Moreover, we are living in such an uncertain age that we do not know
    • Confia em Deus, não afunde na fé!
      Leandro Matias dos Santos, Brasil
      Que o amor de nosso Senhor e Salvador Jesus cristo nos preencha e seu espirito santo transborde sobre todos os membros da new life mission e nosso amado rev Paul C. Jong !Nos últimos meses vimos e fomos atormentados por um vírus o qual é o COVID-19, mas algo mais assolador veio junto com ele, o medo. Não deixe que o medo engane sua fé, lembrem-se de Pedro no barco, pois quando o Senhor o chamou para que avinhe-se ate ele por sobre as aguas ele andou mas qd teve medo ele começou afundar (Matheus 14:27-31). nos agarremos ao nosso Senhor Jesus em todos os momentos não deixem que o medo ven
      Ramón Urtado Zanabrea, Peru
      Querido pastor francisco Vilchez Dios le bendiga grandemente, soy Ramón Urtado Zanabrea un pastor de 85 años de edad, un día llego un libros del pastor Paul C Jong a mis manos que cambio mi vida, primeramente nací de nuevo mediante el libro y cambio mis pensamientos religiosos, para ser pastor estudie teología, pero siempre me preguntaba por qué Jesús fue bautizado por Juan el bautista y nadie me respondió a esta pregunta en el instituto, ha tenido que pasar 40 años, para que mi Dios tenga misericordia de mi al levantar a su siervo el pastor Paul para escribir este hermoso libro que a
    • Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?
      ROYD KATANDULA, Zambia
      The death of Jesus was the payment for all the sins of the world that had been taken away through His baptism. People were facing eternal deaths of hellfire for their sins, but because Jesus loved us, He accepted baptism, which passed all our sins on to Him, and died on the Cross to save us.He sacrificed Himself to save us from sin and from the curse of hell. His death was the payment for the sins of humankind. He was baptized to take away all the sins of the world and gave Himself to judgment on the Cross in order to save all of us from sin, death, judgment and damnation.The death of Jesus wa
    • Heiligkeit
      Jasmin, Germany
      Die heilige Reinlichkeit die im Herzen Geist und Seele erlebbar ist, können wir NUR spüren, ja im Schmerz des mit Jesus durch Johannes den Tauefer getauften , gekreuzigten und Lebendigen Wiedererauferstandenen ALLMÄCHTIGEN ALLUMFASSENDE N Priester König hl.Geist und GOTT dem GeSalbten ewig Vater ewig lebenden JESUS CHRISTUS!!! WER VOR GOTT kniet, kann vor Menschen stehen!!!!! Und vor GOTT irgendwann persönlich!!!? Halleluja DANKE VATER für DIE DEINE U meine Taufe!!!!
    • Leiden und Tod
      Jasmin, Germany
      Muss unser Fleisch erst schmerzvoll sterben und wir schmachvoll leiden, damit der Geist in uns lebendig wird?! Immer am Evangelium aus Wasser und Geist festhalten damit unser Blut gereinigt wird und wir NUR für unseren Herren Jesus Christus den für uns getauften und gekreuzigten und wiedererauferstandenen lebendigen Herren leben und mit ihm versöhnt Gemeinschaft haben werden!!!
    • Footprints Toward our Salvation
      Gerarld EGBE
      Ssh! Alas. I have had education as well in university. While at university and fierce turbulence to pave my way in any situation a blend of wide-ranging skills has been my module to succeed in academics, as well as in other disciplines. My ostensibly insights and foreground not only leads me into probing but also guides me on cutting-edge modern day schemes that involve different basics; with these apt and depth of creativity, I often set off heavenly to be the limit. Covering my transition into higher education the principles of a relatively low tone, ac
    • Cast your bread upon the waters
      Phil Grahn, Australia
      Gods Word says, "Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days" (Ecclesiastes 11:1).This is the promise of God to all the sinless Holy Spirit filled co-workers stationed around the world.Casting your bread upon the waters means, to diligently and with great care persistently spread the beautiful gospel Jesus prepared for us of the water and the Spirit, working in union with the Mission, in any way or form, we will find a harvest of souls, all made truly born again, washed clean and purified."Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing
      Christine Troy, France
      Les gens aujourd’hui vivent sans penser à la raison pour laquelle ils sont nés, pourquoi ils vivent, où ils vont, et quel sera le résultat final de leur vie. Mais nous tous, qui sommes nés à la ressemblance et à l’image de Dieu, devons réaliser ce qu’est la vérité réelle. Qu’est-ce qui est vraiment juste? En quoi devons-nous croire? Quel est le but de la vie?Nous devons penser à ces choses.La Bible dit que ceux qui sont de Dieu comprennent la Parole du Seigneur exactement telle qu’elle est.Que signifie être de Dieu alors ?Cela signifie qu’en croyant en la vérité de l
    • Do you want to belong to God? Or to the Devil?
      Jecinta Nwafor, Ghana
      Google this website with your bible www.bjnewlife .org or www.nlmission.com. Specially use NKJV bible, why I am saying this, is because some of the bible, they have changed some of the words that is in them, I mean some of the bibles today is incomplete. Like I, I have many bible which I discovered that the verses is incorrect even some verse is not even find in them.Dear fellow believers.  Do you want to belong to God? Or to the Devil? Of course, you would want to belong to God.  There may still be a few who say, " I hate God. " But we must know that the Devil possesses the hearts o