" Kow padha olh tanpa nganggo mbayar gunakna tanpa nganggo bayaran " (Matius 10:8)

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What Faith Leads Us to God's Righteousness? (I)

- Paul C. Jong's Sermons on Romans

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The riches of God's righteousness that are given to believers


God's righteousness is abounding enough to make us His children. However, most Christians think that they believe in God well while being ignorant of God's righteousness. They boast of their own righteousness by sticking to the Doctrine of Justification and the Doctrine of Sanctification.
If the Doctrine of Justification or the Doctrine of Sanctification that prevails in Christianity nowadays were really true, a lot of people throughout the world would have already been saved from their sins. However, the reality of it is that this is not the case and as a result, no one has been able to obtain deliverance from all his or her sins through the doctrines.
To witness this reality is truly tantalizing. Even though people are able to be saved from all their sins by simply believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit written in the Bible, they are neither willing to hear nor to believe in this truth, therefore they are on the verge of destruction not knowing God's free gift contained in this truth. It becomes clear that the reason for this phenomenon is due to the preachers, clergymen, and leaders of today's Christianity.
God tells us to get rid of the false prophets. It is deplorable to see that though it is certainly true that there are too many false prophets nowadays, most Christians do not perceive the prophets' false teachings as something false. However, regardless of whom God raises and uses, He raises the servants of the gospel of the water and the Spirit and they shout it out. How many people in this world indeed are willing to listen to those who shout out the gospel of the water and the Holy Spirit, which God acknowledges?
The time has now arrived and God has revealed the truth of the water and the Spirit to the thirsty spirits all over the world through His servants who are bearing witness to it. I hope that you will be able to rebuild your faith, which has been ruined by the false teachers, by believing in the true gospel after rooting out and throwing down the false doctrines in Christianity today. We should be very thankful that there are true servants of God during these last days.

From The Publisher

The author of this book is the founder of The New Life Mission and has been preaching the words of the water and the Spirit, which contains God's righteousness, to the whole world. His works, which have presently been translated into 50 major languages, are being distributed to over 150 countries. All people throughout the world can receive the great blessing of obtaining God's righteousness through God's word, which Reverend Jong preaches with his fellow workers. Why not receive the remission of sins and prepare for your eternal life by believing in God's words through the teachings in this book?

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