" Kow padha olh tanpa nganggo mbayar gunakna tanpa nganggo bayaran " (Matius 10:8)

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Buku cetak sepenuhnya GRATIS
- bahasa Swahili edisi # 11


Kanuni za Msingi Za KRISTO

- Imani ya Ukiri wa Mitume

  • ISBN : 8983148055
  • Halaman : 209
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The Elementary Principles of Christ: the Faith of the Apostles' Creed

Maelezo ya Kina

For those of us who believe in God, the faith and beliefs of the Apostles provide us with important spiritual lessons. Their faith becomes a cherished treasure in our hearts, for they believed in the gospel that holds the righteousness of God. Therefore, we all need to have such faith urgently.
Anyone who believes in Jesus must know the righteousness of God and believe in it, and he must spread it throughout the world, for only then can all others also come to know this righteousness and believe in it. And through the Word of God, all sinners must learn about His righteousness. And they must believe, for this is how they can take the righteousness of God by faith.
Without the faith that allows one to attain God's righteousness from His Word, no one can accept the Lord as his Savior. We must now return to the true faith that knows and believes in the righteousness of God, for only those who believe in this righteousness of God can become His royal priests. The royal priests here refer to those who have received the remission of their sins by believing in God's righteousness. We can become true believers who have this true faith only by believing in God's righteousness and becoming His righteous people. It is more than possible for all of us to have the same faith that the Apostles had.

Kutoka kwa Mchapishaji

Rev. Paul C. Jong has preached the gospel of the water and the Spirit worldwide for nearly two decades. He has also published dozens of precious Christian books in 51 languages. His message is so powerful and spiritual that most readers of his books are very impressed and can unburden their sins. His books will surely guide all people to be born again.

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