" Бесплатно сте добили, бесплатно дајте "
(Матеј 10:8)

Библијске Студије Бесплатне Хришћанске Књиге Бесплатне хришћанске еКњиге О нама

АпсолутноБЕСПЛАТНЕ Штампане Књиге
- Енглески едиција # 53



  • ISBN : 8983147156
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What Do You Think the Primitive Gospel Is?


The primitive gospel mentioned in this book is the original gospel called "the gospel of the water and the Spirit." Until now, however, the vast majority of Christians have not known that the gospel of the water and the Spirit is in fact the original gospel, and as a result have mistakenly believed in 'a half-gospel'. That is why their faith has made no progress, and has made it impossible for them to see any spiritual growth. Their faith has always been imperfect, characterized by legalistic or mystical beliefs. As a result of this they could not help themselves but live with their hearts remaining in a sinful state. What spiritual power could these Christians really have when their sins still remain intact in their hearts? Because they have become powerless Christians, their lives in this world are also useless. We may say then that today's Christianity possesses a half-gospel ever since the passing of the Early Church. As such, all of us must rediscover the primitive gospel now before it's too late, know the true love of God and believe in this love of truth.

From The Publisher

The primitive gospel is the Truth of salvation that's absolutely indispensable to everyone. Transcending all denominations, this primitive gospel will clearly teach every Christian how God's blessings could be bestowed on them. This true gospel will now fill your heart with God's overflowing love. And it will be the most precious gift to all your loved ones.


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