" Бесплатно сте добили, бесплатно дајте "
(Матеј 10:8)

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АпсолутноБЕСПЛАТНЕ Штампане Књиге
- Кинески едиција # 33


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In order to interpret the Lord's Prayer correctly, we must first correctly understand the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which was spoken to us by the Lord. We have Truth in us when we not only know and understand the gospel of the water and the Spirit but also believe it with our hearts. The true gospel, which we believe in, has led us so far, so that we can lead truly faithful lives that the Lord wants from us in the Lord's Prayer.

The prayer that our Lord taught us shows us by what faith we the saints should live. We can divide the Lord's Prayer into five sections.
We should not try to interpret the Lord's Prayer according to the religious customs. That only leads us to great misinterpretations. We can not delight God by through formal faith following religious doctrines.
Then, how should we understand the Lord's Prayer? The answer lies in the faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit all the same. And we are able to receive true spiritually enlightenment in it.
Now, all of us must realize the true faith as spoken through the Lord's Prayer in the Word of the Bible.


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