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    I am Lungamani perez Joel from Malawi, southern Africa. I did report here that i have received mission books from Korea. Yesterday was my first day to do book distribution and i managed 10 boxes. The good this was that some asked for my number for questioning and comments and some i asked them to give me. Today one of the recipient who happens to be a police officer has asked me for more books to be distributed at the his office for his workmates. To me this is  so encouraging. Lungamani Joel, Malawi

    • Lungamani Joel
    • Malawi
    • 06/21/2022 3363
  • No. 178 About my ministry

    • Lungamani Joel
    • Malawi
    • 06/20/2022 3357
  • No. 177 Footprints Toward our Salvation

    Ssh! Alas. I have had education as well in university. While at university and fierce turbulence to pave my way in any situation a blend of wide-ranging skills has been my module to succeed in academics, as well as in other disciplines. My ostensibly insights and foreground not only leads me into probing but also guides me on cutting-edge modern day schemes that involve different basics; with these apt and depth of creativity, I often set off heavenly to be the limit. Covering my transition into higher education the principles of a relatively low tone, accuracy couple with a discernible state or any combination thereof greatly distinguishes me among others. Well about everything is to where, and with whom, and also when I will match these traits studied. That life was only ephemeral as I was bound to my sins from the sole of my feet to the top of my head intact in my heart. With a contrite spirit guilty of the 12 sins, the Ten Commandments as well as the 613 detailed statutes of the Law, I then began my findings to the truth of this burdensome problem of my sins from the saving grace of the promised Word of our Lord; until I met the gospel of the water and the Spirit. All at once these sins got remitted when I believed that Jesus Christ bore our sins on His head by being baptized by John, shed His blood on the Cross, died vicariously on that Cross, resurrected after His dead, ascended to Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father and His second advent. These chain of events built my foundation in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Even so, my future sins plus those committed after being born again of the gospel of the water and the Spirit were also all at once taken care of likewise. It is in my keeping this brief souvenir outline about my novice, before and after being born again of the heavenly gospel of the water and the Spirit. I just wanted to inform you that I myself have not forgotten the episode in my life yet! But what about if I continue to spill sin and act lowly in my deeds even after being born again of the gospel of the water and the Spirit—that is, born from above, being born-again from the faith in Jesus' shouldering our sins at His baptism by John the Baptist at the Jordan River and His bloodshed on the Cross? Certainly it is very true, too, even with the born-again. Yet, in fact, those born again of the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit drink the water springing up from the fountain into everlasting life given by Jesus Christ in the Lord-spoken Word of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Let me illustrate this with what the Bible says. By trying to retreat his ministry, after knowing Jesus as the Messiah to come and the Son of God from the witness in John 1:29-36 and of Matthew 3:13-17 from God the Father when he passed all the sins of the world by baptizing Jesus and then Jesus accepts and receives His baptism being given by John the Baptist, to reveal the Lord Jesus to Israel, John the Baptist even said, "He [Jesus] must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). For example, thus, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, clearly was first of all John's disciple, before he followed the Lord after hearing of Jesus' witness by John the Baptist (John 1:40). As such, Andrew and someone else anonymous became disciples of Jesus by believing in the Lord Jesus and followed Him. John the Baptist himself a witness bearing testimony of Him, while he was in prison sends forth two of his disciples, and far away from doubting this Jesus, he rather wanted these disciples of his, whom by then hadn't acknowledged this Messiah and Savior Jesus Christ, to be properly educated by Him and to let them to know this Jesus. In order to so on account of that was for them to hear from Him first-hand. The truth is you and I remain insufficient even after being born-again and should never ever be intimidated by such mistakes. But tangible enough is our prayer of confession for these lowly sinful acts of the flesh and insufficiencies to God instead. The Holy Spirit for cert fills in this gap to form a life like a tree with good fruits. Rather than the erroneous prayers of repentance practiced by most Christians nowadays, which parallels the faith of the circumcisionists in the Early Church age. Aha, this is correct. Here now is our only work to do in believing in His promised Word, Jesus Christ and thirdly His servant John the Baptist who transferred all the sins of the mankind in the world on to the head of Jesus at His baptism in the Jordan River followed by crucifixion and as well as fourthly in His servants, that is to say, you and I entrusted with duties of sowing the seeds and ploughing the hearts of every field of the mankind, our small work. And for God Almighty to provide the workers to reap abundantly during the harvest. Given this, the right choice and decision is to drop several amauterisms which are handy given rise to drudgery, dull and fruitless spiritual works for the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Do not say, 'Why? Because one can't make it better elsewhere.' You can end up doing nothing! Even to believe in the blessed gospel of the water and the Spirit (John 6:29). I repeat the gospel of the water and the Spirit is the authentic Truth. Drop handy amauterisms which are works of the flesh to possess the fruit of the Spirit. You will not end up doing nothing! Amos 3:3 says, "Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?" In other words, like a pig with gold earrings in its ears and a diamond ring in his nose; with these adornments, does it make it different from a pig? Capital No. It is as it is written, "As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion" (Proverbs 11:22). For it would ordinarily oink and be fed and salvaged from the stench of his waste only to be dragged and be slaughtered. Born-again you too become fickle with the dot. However, do not live a fickle religious life like a frying pan that cools down just as easily as it heats up in no time, for Christ's coming was to fulfill and not to abolish the law, which acknowledges us of our sinfulness. Even so, let's keep waiting as He promised His second coming. Now, who wants to cork the new footprints, the Truth of the gospel of the water and the Spirit? 'If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink,' says the God of gods and the Lord of all hosts. Hallelujah!   Revised Edition 2022. Copyright © 2020 by Day of the Lord

    • Gerarld Egbe
    • Cameroon
    • 06/10/2022 4539
  • No. 176 A church in Kenya

    • Joseph Kimatu
    • Kenya
    • 06/10/2022 5574

    Paul's says; All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death. During reading Rev Jong's first book, I believed that I was born again yet I had not met the genuine gospel. So I had sin in my heart. In my case, I understood the gospel through Jerry Sakala (my husband). And I was so shocked that I had been preaching a half baked gospel without biblical understanding of God's righteousness that was manifested through the baptism of Jesus and His death at Calvary. Jerry and I read book1 together regularly. But at some point I paused, because I found it too heavy to digest. Before I could resume continuation of reading book1, I got hold of Jeroboam's book which broke down strong pillars of false faith in my life(You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free). It became the beginning of my freedom. I dearly loved it and enjoyed reading the book so much because it carried weighty biblical grounded facts. The second book which destroyed false religious bounds in my heart and gave me freedom to biblical knowledge of salvation itself is the Tabernacle book. I couldn't put it away. So, these two books made me curious to know the full explanation of what the gospel of the water and the Spirit is, which I pursued it's details in book1. That is why I highly recommend this book to every first reader of Rev Jong's books without hesitation. Reading book1 alone made me know God and why He sent His only begotten Son to the world. God in the richness of His Mercy and wisdom opened my eyes to see my rotten sinful nature clearly in book1. I can only thank God for a difficult spiritual journey, because it worked all for my good. Hereunder, is what I learnt precisely from book1. First and foremost, I have never heard of the truth contained in this book, NEVER! Not once ever! It sounded a strange book, yet packed with details of God's righteousness. I defeated my thoughts of thinking that Rev Jong and my husband could be a heretics trying to derail me from following God correctly when I saw the righteousness of God clearly unfolding one by one during my following of the contents in the book. Nonetheless; # I learnt that I should throw away my mistaken thoughts to believe in the Word of God as it is. God's Word is Holy and true, it has been there from the beginning and it will forever be true. Hence I can't change it to fit my mistaken false believes except to believe it as it is. I decided to begin my spiritual life afresh. So, I thew away every material I had from my old faith. These included some ritual materials, books and audio tapes. In the process, I realized in my heart that I couldn't keep my old friends either. Anyway, I was hungry to give up the old faith that had not healed me from all sin nor purged my conscience. Isa 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. ALL MY SINS WERE BLOTTED OUT # I learnt that the sin I inherited from Adam is not the only sin God resolved, but ALL sin includes my past, present and future sins. This blew off my mind. I strongly believed it because I suffered way too much over daily confession of sin. I realized that this religious culture of daily confession and repentance I had practiced all my christian life was hypocrisy, evil and an insult to God's grace. Its a way of trampling upon the blood of Christ treating it like a common thing. God opened my understanding, thanks to Rev Jong's obedience to write these books for my redemption. The struggle of a heavy load of grief over sin I suffered all my religious life, tormented me and ripped off peace from my life. It left me totally miserable beyond that I can put in words. Book 1 gave me the understanding to know my human nature to the core. I learnt that I am a fully blown lump of sin destined to hell fire forever separated from God not because I sin everyday but because of UNBELIEVE in God's written Word. God has already completed His salvation plan, but had been waiting for me to believe to be redeemed.  # The truth is, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Secondly, the wages of sin is death. Hence, there is no other way for my sins to be remitted for apart from the gospel of the Water and the Spirit. I was supposed to be judged for all my sins and died for them. But by the grace of God, it is not the will of God that man should perish, but that all may be saved. The truth that washed ALL my sins is that Jesus came in this world, in the power of the Holy Spirit through the body of the virgin Mary. As atonement was done in the old testament, Jesus couldn't blot out the sin of the world in any other way but in the same manner as it was on the day of atonement in the old testament. So at 30, He shouldered all the sins of the world including mine when He was baptised by John the Baptist at the river Jordan. Like Aaron, John transferred ALL the sins of the world onto Jesus. Jesus who was born without sin, received judgement for the sins of the world. At a set date, He didn't only suffered persecution but He died on the cross to shed His innocent blood as a payment of the wages of the sins he had shouldered at His baptism. On the 3rd day, He resurrected to saved all those who believe in this complete work of redemption unto eternal life. He gave them a gift of the Holy Spirit as a seal that they belong to Jehovah God. I believed in this truth with all my heart, and the peace of God filled my heart from then on. I am without sin, hallelujah to God. All that was written in the old testament, pointed to Jesus. All scripture has a mate in the both testaments so that people do not err. So the book is written based on both testaments and agree as one.  # What I accumulated over 20years of my religious life when I lived the so called "virtuous life" by following the law, all amounted to nothing when my eyes opened to see my real self. I realized that I was born a wicked sinner who can't be good no matter how hard I tried. This is so true because no matter how virtuous I tried to live, condemnation hit my heart endlessly. I was in constant grieve until I believed in the God given gospel of the water and the Spirit. Thanks to the author of NLM books, and God bless him abundantly. To be honest with you, the more I tried to be virtuous, the more I realized how hard and frustrating it was. It was just not possible. The thing is, humans are what God calls them Mark 7v20-21. There's no short term to that. As it is impossible to please God without faith, the Holy Spirit can't bear witness to what stands against God's Word of righteousness. This book has give me authentic faith and has lead me to stand before God unaccused in my conscience. I am pure in my heart by the grace of God, hallelujah. I'm sorry that I have exceeded the 500 word limit. Otherwise; in conclusion, I have believed in the correct way of being sinless. My heart is at peace. I stopped preaching the false gospel that turns people into enemies of God. I had to stop attending my old church as soon as I understood the genuine gospel. God in His wisdom separated my heart from old friends and false preachers and lead me into the true blessed Church of God. I am very happy deep in my heart. Now I share true fellowship with the true sinless saints in God's church. I no longer preach a half baked gospel. On the contrary, I share only the true gospel of the water and the Spirit. I am happier. Although I am not that good with translation, I have a deep desire to pull it to the end. I restarted book1 several times because of the hardness of my native language and a long time without a phone. I haven't lost the faith in pulling through. I have perfected the translation up to chapter 4. I'm starting chapter 5. I had ups and downs during translation, and it took me longer than I had desired. Nonetheless, I trust God will help me to perfect the remaining chapters. So far there are many boxes of book1 that I have been distributed so far. I put more emphasis on book1 because it is the corner stone of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. So, I'm prayerfully hopeful that my fellow countrymen will receive redemption too. My sincere thanks to God for Rev Shin who has been faithfully helping us patiently with the mission books spiritual guidance and establishment of churches in Zambia. God bless him abundantly. Now my family and I are distributing a good number of book and sharing the true gospel in Botswana. In sum, this is the miracle book1 performed in my heart. It made me a true instruments of redemption all through God's Grace. Glory to Jesus our King and saviour for saving us perfectly. It scares me a lot at times when I imagine how my heart would been like if I hadn't met the gospel of the water and the Spirit through Rev Jong's books. Many deep thanks to God for Rev Jong who obeyed God's Word to put it in a form of books for our knowledge and salvation. God bless him exceedingly. May God keep him in sound health, for we need him. Peace to God's blessed Church forever. Donney Sakala, Botswana

    • Donney Sakala
    • Zambia
    • 06/09/2022 5586