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  • No. 158 The New Life Mission books must be read every single day.

    Nlm books must be read every single day. Some foolish people stop reading them because they think they are redundant. The wise saints read them over and over again, even take notes from the books. In Ethiopia, when we gather together, we share what we have read with our fellow believers. Each and every saint is supposed to speak what they have read in our gatherings. We lay great emphasis on reading nlm books. We can teach ourselves by reading the books. In my case, I read a chapter a day and try to finish one book every month. I encourage every saint to do so. We can read the bible on our own, but there are many things that we don't understand without the guidance of nlm books. We will end up teaching our erroneous  thoughts if we don't train ourselves by reading nlm books. God bless! Coworker Yohannes Make Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

    • Yohannes Make Mara
    • Ethiopia
    • 11/27/2021 1139
  • No. 157 My testimony

    I would like to say that after thinking and praying a lot about this matter, I came to believe that the faith in the gospel of the water and Spirit must be the most correct doctrine of God’s Word for mankind’s salvation. I may not understand yet some small issues, but in general, I can say that I believed in the main Message, which was passed to me through the books of your mission. I realized that we needed tangible faith based on God’s word, of our sins truly being placed on Christ, in order to believe that all of those sins, without exception, were taken by him. I saw that the only way to be totally released from all sins was believing in them being once and for all taken away by Jesus when he came as sacrificial Lamb, who had to take on all sins of the world on his physical flesh, before nailing them to the Cross of Golgotha. As it also showed in 1 Peter 2:24 that “He bore our sins with his body to the tree”, - which means he had first to take and carry those sins on his body, and the only place and time for him to do that could be none else but through the baptism received from John the Baptist (John 1:29), in which moment all God’s righteousness was fulfilled! (Mat.3:15) Only this truth could make my heart really free of any sense of guilt and trace of sin forever. Also, in his last supper Christ told us to remember both his flesh and blood given for us, not just one of these components! We now realize that his flesh referred to his mission of taking on it the sins of the world, and his blood referred to payment for those sins, just like it corresponds to the word of God that Jesus came to us with these three: spirit, water and blood (1John 5:6-8) and all three witness of one thing: God’s righteousness in salvation of all sinners through faith.  I just deeply regret that so many people and Christian believers in this world still do not understand this simple but profound truth! I will be trying to pass it to all whom I meet and who will listen. I believe that it was just God’s appointed time for me to find such books and teachings and receive at last what I was looking for so long. It was again by His grace! I am deeply thankful to my Jesus, who completely saved me forever from all my sins and made me truly sinless and righteous!  Glory be to God! I am also praying for you and success of your mission, so that the gospel of the Water and the Spirit may spread everywhere with God’s grace and power! Amen.  George Gogolashvili, Georgia

    • George Gogolashvili
    • Georgia
    • 11/25/2021 1131
  • No. 156 Today was a wonderful day.

    Today was a wonderful day, when God finally enabled us to unite physically; meeting, praying and sharing on how best we can do the work of God. At the End of the Fellowship in Kyambogo Kampala, we were able to distribute the available books amongst the present Co-workers for ministry of preaching the Gospel of water and the spirit. Finally,I thank God for the work of Pastor John Shin in  availing the New Life Mission books to Evangelist Muhwezi Innocent.We shared so many good things as New Life Mission Uganda and trusting God in establishing His kingdom on All the four corners of our dear country. Thanks Remain blessed in the Gospel of water and the spirit. Emma Onyege, Uganda  

    • Uganda
    • 11/24/2021 1141
  • No. 155 My testimony of salvation

    For years I had been preaching what I thought to be Gods word to our congregation, our Church was growing slowly but surely. Speaking in tongues and the occasional healing went down well with everyone present. With this going on the offers and the tithes were mounting steadily, surely we were on the right track. On a regular basis we were visited by people from other local churches all looking for the Holy Spirit experience which came with the tongues and the healings and falling to the ground when the hands were laid on. In July of 2006 my life as I knew it changed drastically. I was surfing the internet and I came across the free Books from Paul C. Jong and the New Life Mission. The Title of Book No1 in the series Have You Truly Been Born Again of The Water And the Spirit made me curious as to what the author was talking about and directly placed my order for the book. I received the book a week or so later and when I opened the package and saw the book I started shaking violently, at this my wife asked me what was wrong with me, all I could answer was, bring me my Bible I think I am going to need it. When I started to read my head started to spin at what I was reading, my thoughts were telling me this can’t be true but with the Bible verses which accompanied what the author had written I had no argument. The more I read the more God was revealing to me who I really was. I found it hard to accept what God was telling me in Mark 7:20-23. This was who I was, just another worldly Pastor who’s heart was full of evil thinking he was preaching Gods written word. I could not put that book down, I read it from cover to cover. By the time I was half way through the book I was filled with shame and guilt at what I had done to all those people I had been preaching to, at what I was passing on to them every time I laid my hands on them to bless them. I was indeed everything our Lord said I was, a fake who was preaching Gods word with all that evil in my heart. My evil thoughts had been telling me I was doing good in Gods eyes. By the end of the week I had downloaded all the books in the series and was only interested in making sure I was truly born again of the water and the Spirit. For next two weeks I asked my wife to lead our church services saying I was sick and could not make the services. The truth was, I could not look our congregation in the eye and continue preaching lies to them, I would only be leading them farther astray. God had led me to the truth but I sent my wife out to continue preaching the lie. The following Sunday I accompanied my wife to our Church and led the service. There was utter confusion and dismay when I told the people what had happened to me and why I had stood down for the last few weeks. I started to preach from Rev. Paul C. Jong’s book and half of the congregation stood up and walked out, by the end of August our church was empty. All that was left was my wife and family. At this point I realized that I knew the truth. If you want to have a full worldly Church then you preach to the people the lie they want to hear. If you want to lead Gods Church then you preach to the people the truth which God needs them to hear. Knowing what God wanted me to do I was accepted as a Book distributor in September of 2006. We continued with our Church services every Sunday, mostly preaching to empty chairs but occasionally due to our book distribution we were able to hand out books to the few people who came. We had to close our Church and we continued at our home. Over the next few years Gods Church started to grow to the point that our house became too small. We were able to find a school hall for the Church and we grew in numbers steadily. But in the end we came to realize that there is a huge difference in being truly born again in your head and becoming truly born again in your heart. The people were refusing to accept the truth, they would rather hear and rejoice in the lie. My wife and I found our peace in knowing that it is God who leads the people to Jesus. John 6:44. And with this we decided our work was to go out on the streets and preach the Gospel of the water and the Spirit to those who would listen, and to distribute Rev. Paul C. Jong’s books. Now we know what it really means and how to become truly born again of the water and the Spirit. John 3:3,5. Much more has happened since I became truly born again of the water and the Spirit but this is just a short testimony of how it happened and what I had to go through when I heard the truth. John 8:32. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Amen. All my thanks go out to our Lord who became the righteousness of God through His Baptism by John and His precious Blood on His Cross, His death and resurrection. My prayers go out to all those worldly Pastors who do not yet know the truth. Go to and discover the truth for yourselves. Remember, you will be held accountable as to where Gods people will end up, in His kingdom or in Satan’s dominion. Jim Montgomerie, Netherlands Pastor & Evangelist The New Life Mission

    • Jim Montgomerie
    • Netherlands
    • 11/19/2021 1184
  • No. 154 Mind set

    Dear brothers and sisters, it is a privilege for me to be alive today which I know does not depend on my might but that of God. I had total peace of mind when I came in contact with the Gospel Truth of the water and the holy spirit introduced to me by brother CLAUTEL in 2012. My spiritual life changed, my way of thinking and the zeal of studying the word of God increased tremendously. When I came to the understanding that all my life time sins and that of the whole world was passed onto Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist and He died for it, resurrected and lives in the heart of all who believe, my life changed automatically. My life has never been the same again. What is happening to me now is this _ I feel happy when ever I think of the Gospel _Joy feels my heart most times without reasons. _ I feel like am the most happiest man on earth _ The only thing that gives me genuine happy is the work of telling others the Gospel that brought me eternal salvation, eternal Joy,peace, happiness and love. My mind is at rest based in the truth of the Gospel of the water and the holy spirit. I pray that for all the believers of the Gospel of Truth of the water and the holy spirit that no mater the circumstances of their life, their faith in the beautiful Gospel will continue to grow. All those that seek the truth will find this beautiful Gospel in Jesus name. God bless The New Life Mission.

    • Fonkumbat Adrian Wubba
    • Cameroon
    • 11/05/2021 1259